SqweeGeez Fundraiser

SqweeGeez Express Wash is committed to provide support in the local community. Our fundraiser program has excellent success helping local charities and non-profit organizations raise money with very little hassle. Decide today to let SqweeGeez help your organization raise money risk free.

Here is how it works:

  • Your organization purchases $20 carwash coupons for only $5 each
  • You sell the coupon to the customer for $10 each (The customer gets a $20 wash for $10)
  • You return the unsold coupons
  • Length of fundraiser is 15 to 30 days (We can discuss when you pick up


  • We do ask for a check for the full number of coupons picked up. This check will not be cashed until both parties agree to cash it giving you time to sell the coupons and deposit the proceeds. If your organization has coupons left over, we will allow you to bring a new check and unsold coupons at the time of reconciliation. (This is risk free for your organization. You will need no money upfront)
  • You only pay for coupons you sell
  • The coupons have a 12 month expiration date.
  • You must order a minimum of 100 coupons

You win…by profiting $5 for each coupon you sell. The customer wins…with a half price $20 wash. SqweeGeez wins… by making new customers happy with super clean cars.

If you have any questions, please contact!


Please present these forms to your SqweeGeez location or email the completed forms to